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tindering destinations

Want to Get Away?

Half the fun in traveling is dreaming up the destination. Are you exploring destination options and dreaming about what your next getaway could look like… Sounds great! Maybe at the beginning of your long-time research on Google. After a few days of googling when you have read at least a ton of websites, you make the decision.

What if Artificial Intelligence did it instead of you for a few seconds? Of course, the last word is yours! Our AI-powered App just makes a short-list of destinations based on your data and group it by the best match. Now you can explore these destinations summaries in one place.


trip summary

Time to Make a Plan

You decided where to travel, but it’s a destination only. It’s time to choose a period for the trip, find the best flights and hotels deals, make an attractions agenda. Sounds like about one-or-two more weeks of researching travelers forums, monitoring flights, looking for hotels offers…

AI can save your time, money and inspiration! How? The app finds the most convenient flight, best hotel offer, and most interesting attractions based on your preferences. You just need to swipe them until the trip is the best for you! You know what? AI also schedules the attractions into a day-by-day plan, adds your favorite cuisine restaurant and must-see events.


World’s Easiest Booking Experience

Let’s Book It!

You made the plan. Congratulations! You know what’s next… It’s time to book the flight and hotel, pay for attractions tickets, buy travel insurance, rent a car. How fun does this sounds? Where is your inspiration?!

If you planned the trip without the App, you really have a lot to do! But as the App user, your next step is to check out the trip like you will do in your usual favorite online cart easily. Pay for all the staff in a few taps and be sure it’s the best price guaranteed because AI compared it before offering you.


inspirational notifications

Can’t wait to explore?

Almost all the overhead is behind. Vacation Is Near. You feel it and can’t wait. You are googling more about the destination where you will fly. It’s inspiring you, isn’t it?

Don’t worry, the App will do it for you! It will send you useful tips, such as time to flight online registration, and inspirational, such as weather and photos at the destination, and other notifications.


personal voice assistant

Need a Guide?

Of course, you can hire a guide-man or pay for a hop-on-hop-off bus tour, and you can as well relate with the App. And it will tell you everything you want to know about the place. Yes, like a human being. Meet Tai, she is your personal travel AI-powered voice assistant. She will help you plan the trip and will travel with you. Don’t worry, you don’t need to pay for her 😉 It’s completely free!


experience rating

You did it!

It was amazing! Tai will keep the trip in the App. You can rate flight, hotel and every place you visited if you wish. It will make Tai better!

Maybe it’s the time to plan your next getaway?


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